Ragnarok Earth

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Ragnarok Earth
Designer Joe Hofman
Genre Post-apocalyptic
System Alpha Chronicles

Ragnarok Earth is a post-apocalyptic chronicle setting created by Joe Hofman.


In 2012 the Mayans predicted the apocalypse. What the world didn't know was, they were right. It didn't start with a bang of nuclear fire as many predicted, it started eons ago. It began in realms alien to this one, two to be exact. The realms of Gehenna and Elohim. For thousands of years the denizens of these realms have warred for supremacy across countless worlds and realms.

Now the battle between The Angels of Elohim and The Demons of Gehenna have found their way to Earth. It began quietly on December 21, 2012 when the first group of Demons found a portal into modern day Mexico. They found a world where demons, angels and magick were the stuff of legend and myth. A world that didn't believe in them, and therein they found freedom.

They spread their influence among the mortal denizens of the realm, the humans of Earth. Working from the shadows on the edge of human society they brought back the study of aura manipulation, what humans called magic, and marveled at the technology these mortals had created. They began learning the politics of the world and inched their corruption in. They brought back atrocities and miracles that were only told in children stories and fantasy novels.

Moving quickly they attempted to control this new realm. They built a power base to prepare a new strike on their ancient enemies. They believed they had finally found a world they could corrupt and reshape completely to their liking, without influence by the angels. They were wrong.

After 300 days of uninterrupted freedom on Earth the angels arrived. Summoned by the renegade sorcerer Michael Lankton, they arrived at what the humans called Stonehenge, and upon learning of the head start the demons had, they immediately threw themselves into the effort of combating their hated foes. Working miracles of their own they found allies amongst the humans. They too spread sorcery and the accumulated knowledge of their travels. The buildup was to be short lived.

The demons struck first, having learned of the intruders to 'their world'. The angels and their allied humans struck back and the world at large became aware of the supernatural influences in their midst. Not to be outdone, the world powers made their prescience known and a period of of strife, world war and tragedy followed for three years.

Then Michael Lankton made his presence known again. Concocting a ritual with the help of one of the angels he fused there auras and The first Chimera was born. With all of the strengths of both humanity and the angels at their disposal they formed a team more powerful than either individually. With the power now at their disposal they beat back the demons with their allies, and placated the world governments. A time of relative peace followed for seven years.

Eventually Angela Davenport betrayed the allies of The Angels of Elohim and brought knowledge of the Chimera Ritual to The Demons of Gehenna. With this act the peace began to fracture. What followed was a shadow war as member of both the Gehenna camp and the Elohim camp carried out guerrilla strike at each other as the independent mages and world powers defended their causes. Thus the seeming eternal war between the denizens of Elohim and Gehenna continued as it has, but slightly different in this realm, what the humans call the Ragnarok War.

Ten years later this is the world of Ragnarok Earth. A world trapped in a new cold war. A world of demons, angels, magick, technology, normal humans and a blending of all of the above. A world where the future is yours to create.