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General Questions

Q. What is Alpha Chronicles?

A. In a nutshell, Alpha Chronicles is a system for tabletop role-playing games. If you're looking for some historical background or more details, click here.

Q. What do I need to play?

A. At least one friend, some ten-sided dice, and the Alpha Chronicles - Core Rules.

Q. How many people do you recommend?

A. There's no right answer to that. You certainly need two, for starters.. a game master to tell the story, and a player to participate in it. A good group will have enough people to make the story compelling, help view it through multiple perspectives, and cooperate when danger presents itself - yet not so many as to create chaos. Too many cooks in the kitchen, and all.

Q. Where can I buy Alpha Chronicles?

A. Right here!

Rules-Related Questions

Q. How does the ___ option work?

A. We made every effort to explain the powers as comprehensively as possible. If you're having trouble with understanding it, though, no worries. We like to elaborate on potential confusion here on the Wiki, so look up the option you're struggling with here, as there might be some errata posted. If not, don't be afraid to contact us and request an explanation.

Q. The GM says ___ option works like this, but I'm positive it...

A. As in most role-playing games, the second rule is that the GM's decisions override the rules. (The first rule is to have fun - not only does it make the game infinitely more enjoyable, but you net one experience point every session you do it!) If you feel like your GM is abusing the privilege or being wildly inconsistent, don't be afraid to voice your worries politely, or visit us for the final say. As previously mentioned, we make every good-faith effort to clarify the rules for players.

Q. Can I make my own content?

A. Absolutely! We couldn't encourage creativity enough. Feel free to use the base system as inspiration for all your creatures, worlds, powers, and multi-colored explosions. We even highlight the best of our submitted works on the website, offering these "Alpha Approved" works for download. If you are interested in producing a for-profit book that utilizes the Alpha Chronicles system, such as a supplement world setting or additional rules, you should probably contact us first. Lawyers have way more option points than you'd think.

Wiki Questions

Q. Why can't I register to edit and create pages on the Wiki?

A. We are protecting the Wiki from spam and bot attacks. While we want everyone who is interested in adding to the Wiki to be able to, we need to restrict general access for its protection. Anyone who is interested should contact Dan or Keith. We are very apologetic for the need for this limitation, but the price of an awesome Wiki is eternal vigilance.

Other Questions

Q. What are you doing Friday night?

A. The same thing you should be - playing Alpha Chronicles.