Ember Hillard

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Ember Hillard
No Picture Available
Alter Ego None
Born 02/14/76
Affiliations Vigilant Shadows
Aliases Black Wolf, Wolfie, Puppy
Hero Type Comic Book
Species Human
Powers Flight Disc

Ember Hillard is a character from the Strange Saviours chronicle setting. She was created by Jared Athay.


Ember Anne Hillard was born on February, 14th , 1976. Her mother, Jehna Kate Kryczaek was just a child herself, at the age of 14. She had no means to suppourt her child, and gave her up to the Julien city social services office. Within days she was adopted by the Hillard family. Her parents, Ingrid and Matt Hillard, moved to Julien city in the early 70's when Matt got a transfer in the ASE company. They soon decided to start a family and adopted Ember 4 years later. Two of their own children followed soon. Brigid, is 15 years old and is very girly, something that Ember finds kinda unsettling, and David “Joey”, he is 12 years old and is the baby of the family, he is a tinkerer and loves to work on electronics, computers, and anything mechanical. His current hobby is building, and modifying RC cars. Sometimes he will build them from scratch. The immediate family is well aware of Ember's abilities, and her parents advise caution when using them.

Ember's powers developed when she was about twelve years of age. She discovered the power of flight, after accidentally falling off a tall bluff at Salt fork state park in Ohio. While on a camping trip with her family she had been hiking a little on her own. When she fell off the bluff, she suddenly stopped falling and realised that she had willed a reddish, purple disc underneath her feet. She then discovered that by willing herself on vertical, and horizontal axises she could move herself. The discovery of her energy manipulation came the same day. As she was testing out her new flight powers, and practicing with that a little bit she inhaled a batch of pollen, and promptly sneezed. The resulting energy discharge at first came out of her nose. More practice with that, the same day as well. After about an hour she returned to her family at the campsite. She was anxious about telling them at first, being totally unsure about how they would react. A year later, to the day she told her family. To her surprise they were very understanding. Her parents warned her about using her powers cautiously, and responsibly. From that moment on she decided to use her powers to help the denizens of Julien City, much like her comic book heroes.

From the time she was a little girl, Maggie Clemont babysat her and her siblings. They developed a bond very quickly, and when Ember became too old to be babysat, and began babysitting her siblings herself. Maggie and Ember had become very good friends, and had a sisterly bond. When Maggie married David, Ember was happy for her. Over the course of the brief marriage, Ember also became good friends with David. Even after the divorce, she sees David as a brother in law. When David founded his Private Investigation/Bounty hunting firm, Ember quickly signed up and began developing the skills that would aid her in her work. She remains close to both of them and is glad that they have worked out differences, and David and Maggie remain close. She also adores her “nephew” even if she doesn't always get the chance to play with him, or babysit him.

Ember's primary driving goal at the moment is to find her mother. She doesn't know entirely what she wants from it, right now she just wants to meet her before she makes any judgments. When she has moments at work between cases she uses some of the resources to aid in tracking down her mother. So far all she has is her mother's name, and that she is living somewhere within thirty, or forty miles of Julien City. Although not quite an obsession, it is a driving goal in her life. She does spend a lot of time thinking about it, and hopes one day to at least meet her over coffee and just talk. She'll make a decision then as to whether or not she wants her mother in her life.

When she is not directly at work she does spend a lot of her free time patrolling the city and at least attempting to put things right. She's very compassionate, and does little things like give money to the downtrodden, or homeless. She will stop the occasional robbery, or break up gangs of criminals assailing, people. Particularly young men, or women. She actively volunteers for programs to keep young people off the streets, in what little free time she has left. Despite the fact that she manages to keep herself very busy, she always manages to find the time to spend with Mattrim.

Since starting to work for David, she has made several new friends, that also work for the company. Recently even a few who don't, these friends are important to her. Friends and family are one of the driving forces in her life, she will do anything to protect them. She sees herself as a protector of the people, and as a guardian, and patron saint of lost causes. When she first developed her powers, she made a promise to herself only to use them to help people, and to protect those who need it. She always keeps her promises, which is why she doesn't make promises very often. They are often hard to keep, so when she does make a promise, it is very important. She is the protector and hero known as 'Black Wolf'.


Ember is 5'3” and weighs around 103 lbs or so, she has a very petite frame, but is also very curvy. She is very physically attractive. She has waist length reddish hair, and often dyes her bangs, usually in purples or blues. Her eyes are a dark green. She has always been something of a tomboy, and never really got much into things that other girls her age are into. Instead preferring, sports, particularly soccer and hockey. She is an avid comic book reader. She is into the grunge and alternative music scenes and dresses mostly in that style, although she has been known to wear skirts or dresses on occasion, but usually only when it is necessary. She thinks that superhero costumes are terribly cliché, and although she doesn't flaunt her superpowers. She makes no secret of it preferring to fly to where she needs to go, rather then driving or taking public transportation. She has a thing for Werewolf legends and fiction, not so big into vampires, but werewolves are just cool to her.

Religious Views

Ember's family is Jewish, and although they are not orthodox, they try to be kosher, and attend temple every Friday. She has strong ties to her Jewish faith, but is at this point exploring Wicca and paganism. Her mother knows this, and although she is not happy about it, Ingrid respects her choices and has agreed not to tell her father, instead leaving that to Ember. Brigid doesn't know that her sister is exploring Wicca, and it is very unlikely that, that will affect her hero worship of her beloved big sister. Brigid is a good little Jewish girl, and is active in the local Jewish community center. The family tries to be kosher, and even though Ember is exploring other religions, she is still adherent to the kosher laws. She believes that kosher foods just taste better anyway.



Brigid is 15 years old and is the eldest of the Hillard's biological children. She is two inches shorter then her older sister, but has a similar build, although less curvy. She has shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. She is girly like most teenagers her age, and is big into boy bands and pop music. Her idol however is her big sister Ember, not as much that she is awe of Ember's abilities, as much as she sees her big sister as the epitome of success. She also admires her take charge attitude.

David is 12 years old and is nicknamed “Joey” since he was born 6 weeks late, the family jokes that he didn't want to “come out of the pouch”. He is short for his age only 5'4” and is a little on the pudgy side. He has a gift for anything technical, and is often building and modifying, computers, and other mechanical, and electrical devices. He is often teased for being a geek, Ember has often stood up for him. She encourages him to stand up for himself and take charge of his life.

Ember is very family oriented, and is protective of her siblings. Much to her dismay Brigid has taken an interest in boys. Particularly a young man at her school by the name of Ryan Michael Callahan. The Hillard family has always put their children through public schools believing that Public schools offer better education that many of the private schools in the area. Ember knows of Brigid's infatuation with Ryan, as Brigid often confides in her big sister. She knows nothing really about him except that her baby sister thinks that he is the most wonderful guy in the world. What does unnerve Ember a little is that Brigid doesn't really know much about him either, aside from the occasional “Hi” in the hallway, or the odd small talk between the two. Ember is attempting to help her sister build her confidence up enough to talk to Ryan, and eventually ask him out on a date.


Ember's best friend is a young man named Mattrim Matthews. They first met in Kindergarten, and have been inseparable ever since. Since then she has been in love with him, and his feelings for her came in time as well. For a long time they never acted on their feelings, being nervous, or otherwise afraid to act. They would often accompany each other to school dances and other functions, and although these would normally be considered dates, the two wouldn't officially think of it that way, except to themselves. Their childhood feelings for each other has since blossomed into full, and deep love. Mattrim is getting bolder in his flirtations and efforts to encourage their mutual feelings. It is very likely that they will end up together soon.

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