Awakening of the Gods

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Awakening of the Gods
Designer Jason Valenzuela
Genre Science Fiction
System Alpha Chronicles

Awakening of the Gods is a chronicle setting for the Alpha Chronicles game system. It was written and created by Jason Valenzuela.


Awakening of the Gods is a campaign setting for Alpha Chronicles. Players play a group of Mercenaries trying to make a living on the planet once known as El Dorado. A major cataclysm rocked the planet years ago, changing the face of the planet also awakened things sleeping deep in the planet's crust...things the natives referred to as the Gods. Now the creatures are awake and determined to wipe all life from the surface of the finish what the Cataclysm started. Do you have the strength to stand against them? Lock and load, cause ready or not they're awake and they are pissed.

The Planet

The Cataclysm left the face of the planet now known as Muspelheim ravaged and destroyed. A large portion of the surface water was cooked off or tainted, and the majority of the surface was turned into a barren wasteland. Ambient temperatures on the planet’s equator reach around 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Until you get to the poles of the planet the average temperature runs between 83 - 116 degrees. The poles are more hospitable, and offer one of the few places where food can still be cultivated well.


Only two major cities survived the Cataclysm, New Eden and Seraheim. The Northern Coalition makes New Eden its home at the North Pole. The Southern Alliance claims Seraheim as the capital and resides at the South Pole. Both cities are under attack by the creatures known as Gods. Without access to Reliricite, both groups have been unable to build new starships or to make repairs to some of the more complex pieces of technology. The best source of Reliricite is roving bands of Mercenaries that sell to the highest bidder, but for now both sides have been unable to do more than tread water.

The Yevirin

The Yevirin are the indigenous people of Muspelheim. On average they stand between 5-8 inches taller than your average human. Their fingers are approximately half an inch longer than your average human’s. They also lack any trace of facial hair and have no body hair below the neck. Their noses are almost non-existent as far as humans are concerned. The entire nose simply exists as two slits positioned where a human nose normally would be. Blue eyes are unheard of among the Yevirin, as their eyes are usually brown with the minority possessing green or amber eyes. All Yevirin have straight hair. Other than those major differences the Yevirin possess an almost identical organ and skeletal structure. Diseases seem to pass between Yevirin and Humans equally well, but to the relief of many doctors treatments seem to work equally well.

The Hybrids, a rare scattering of half-Yevirin, half-humans seem to most closely resemble humans. Human body hair and facial hair appears to be dominant between the species. Yevirin eye colors tend to be dominant over human though. A Hybrid’s fingers tend to be slightly longer but only so much that one would notice at close inspection. Typically, though a Hybrid is towards the upper end of human height they are still shorter than the taller specimens among the Yevirin. Hybrids seem to have human noses though they are often smaller or flatter than their human parent.

Both the Yevirin and the Hybrids have demonstrated a unique ability. They both can sense the presence of the Gods. The Yevirin seem to be able to detect the Gods at a much better range, and from all reports generally tend to be able to tell the approximate number and size of the Gods. However they suffer from intense headaches when exposed to too many or for too long. The Hybrids seem to be able to sense the Gods as well, but at a much shorter range and lacking the accuracy to account for size or number of targets. However they do not suffer from the intense headaches, but if they are actively trying to sense the presence of the Gods the Gods seem to be able to sense the Hybrid as well.

The Gods

The “Gods” are not anything like what humans consider Gods to be. As far as all reports indicate the Gods are killing machines driven by instinct. Despite lacking a great deal of intelligence they have proven quite cunning and will sometimes act in concert. There are many types of Gods, ranging from roughly human size to some specimens that have been recorded at approximately 50’ at the shoulder and around 100’ in length. Mercenary groups have reported engagements with both terrestrial and aerial creatures. The various types of Gods do not appear to work well outside of their own species though some have been spotted following larger species feeding off of the remains of the larger Gods kills. Little is known about the anatomy of the various species or very much about them at all. What is known is that every known species of God is hostile to humans and Yevirin alike.

Character Creation

The players have a choice to play any of the four available races: Human, Engineered Human, Yevirin, or Hybrid. Option Points used to buy races may come from either Primary or Secondary Hero Type.