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Alpha Chronicles is a universal role-playing system that utilizes percentile dice and "d10s" exclusively. It was designed to be a balance between chart-heavy games, such as Role-Master, and more fluid story-like games like White Wolf's Storyteller system. While designed as a universal system, the core rules utilize a modern setting to ease players into the rules.


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Alpha Chronicles is an evolution of the Alpha Arkana game system created by Trey Coonrod and J. Keith Wykowski.

Originally created back in 1999, the Alpha Arkana game system used a system of pre-made character classes, percentile skills and attributes, and a set of static spells. This system was a dedicated fantasy RPG, and tried to open the limits of the traditional character class by allowing a wide variety of skill choices for each occupation.

In 2000, J. Keith Wykowski began a modern chronicle with several other gamers who would become long-time playtesters. The original set of rules proved to be too limiting for the rampant imaginations of the first group. The system of options, more skills, and new playable races were created during this time. Alpha Chronicles was born.

Over the next 10 years, several drafts and extensions were made to the rules. A revised Alpha Arkana was created to work in conjunction with the revised Alpha Chronicles rule-sets. Finally in 2009, the final draft was completed.

The first commercially available rule-book (Alpha Chronicles - Core Rules) was published in August 2009. The first professional review of the system was written in Knights of the Dinner Table, Issue #155. One of Brian's Picks, the reviewers wrote "...a game of limitless possibilities, give it a try."


Alpha Chronicles - Core Rules