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This is a list of additional content that has been submitted by motivated Alpha players, available for use free of charge.

Contact staff if you are interested in your ideas becoming Alpha Approved. We are always looking for creative ideas to share with the community.



  • Phos - A fantasy world where magic is rare but extremely powerful. Submitted by (Joe Hofman)

Modern Day

Science Fiction

  • Awakening of the Gods - Players play a group of Mercenaries trying to make a living on the planet once known as El Dorado. A major cataclysm rocked the planet years ago, changing the face of the planet also awakened things sleeping deep in the planet's crust...things the natives referred to as the Gods. Now the creatures are awake and determined to wipe all life from the surface of the finish what the Cataclysm started. Do you have the strength to stand against them? Lock and load, cause ready or not they're awake and they are pissed. (Submitted by Jason Valenzuela)
  • Doctrinal Conflict - The unofficial setting for the Ur-Quan Masters game using the Alpha Chronicles rules. Includes stories, races, and a comprehensive rules system for ship-to-ship space combat, as well as printable cut-out ship templates. (Submitted by DC Greenberg)
  • 2122-NG - An unofficial near-future Alpha Chronicles setting. Includes stories, characters, weapons and equipment, and a unique system for acquiring powers through secondary selves, known as Others. (Submitted by DC Greenberg)
  • Spanning the Stars - A collection of races suitable for any campaign setting, but specifically designed to be used in a Science Fiction campaign.


Alternate Rules

Comprehensive Add-Ons

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall - Rules for playing characters that defy traditional storytelling. Includes hero types, rules for playing animated characters, additional powers, items, and tips for playing stars in the spotlight. (Submitted by DC Greenberg)


  • Alternate Elemental Control - An expanded set of power suites for various forms of elemental control. Provides an expanded suite for Fire, Cold, Water, Electricity, and Earth. (Submitted by DC Greenberg)


  • Infinite Ammo - An expanded guide to modern-day weaponry. Includes hundreds of guns, additional rules for ammo types, weapon accessories, and tips for creating your own ranged weapons. (Submitted by DC Greenberg)

Optional Rules